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Naturally raised meats for over 35 years


Applegarth Farm is a small farm in upstate NY that has been raising meat and breeding stock animals naturally and humanely for over 35 years.   The farm is situated on a beautiful hillside in southeastern Otsego County, near Oneonta and Cooperstown, with a marvelous view to the southwest and providing an excellent example of responsible stewardship.


Applegarth Farm provides naturally raised meat animals direct to the consumer.  For example, a family or individual may purchase a half share of beef rather than retail cuts. Call for details on purchasing your share of chicken, lamb, goat, pork or beef.  Farm fresh eggs are also available at The Green Earth in Oneonta.


My sons grew up on this farm, eating wholesome, natural foods.  They are now professionals in their own right: Adam is a cabinet and furniture maker and member of the National Wood Flooring Association, and continues the floor sanding and installation business from his step-father.  Jeremy is a successful farrier blacksmith and member of the international farrier team for the American Farrier’s Association.  He can be reached at 607.434.8583.

Applegarth   Stoneware  Pottery


I am a functional potter, making ware that is intended for practical, everyday use.  My stoneware is all hand made on a potter’s wheel.  Each piece is unique, even when making a “set."  Many factors play a part in this and the result is ware that shows off the individuality of handmade pottery while reflecting the relationship between matching clay, glaze, size and form.

I fire my ware to Cone 6 in an oxidation kiln, using lead-free, food safe glazes.  My ware can be used in a dishwasher, microwave or conventional oven; it is not intended for use on an electric stove or directly over a flame.  Please do not subject stoneware to sudden changes of temperature; for instance, place a full casserole in a low temperature oven and slowly increase the heat.  My ware is available at The Artisans’ Guild in Oneonta and directly from the studio.  Please contact me with questions or requests.


Applegarth  Farm  and  Pottery